All communications for the hire of Premises must be returned to the Headteacher (or other Designated person) [“the Manager”] on behalf of Manchester City Council who may call for more details before the hiring is permitted.

Please return application to ‘Business Manager’, at Burnage Academy For Boys (BAfB), Burnage Lane, Burnage, Manchester, M19 1ER
Application for use of school facilities does not necessarily guarantee acceptance. All applications will be confirmed, or otherwise, by the Headteacher (or other Designated person).


The Applicant who signs this Form must be over 18 years of age and shall be responsible (for non-government agency) for all payments and terms of hire.


3.1 The hiring fee and any deposit shall be paid to the Manager at the time of booking.

3.2 Special arrangements may be made for payment for multiple bookings at the discretion of the Manager.

3.3 The deposit will be used towards making good any damage connected with the hiring and any balance will be returned to the Applicant. Paying a deposit does not limit liability of the Applicant.

3.4 All accounts are payable within 14 days from the date of the account. The school reserves the right to refuse the hirer subsequent admission to the premises if any account remains unpaid after this period.

3.5 lf a hire over-runs the time booked, an additional charge will be made.

3.6 The school reserves the right to amend the charges giving 14 days notice.


In the event of cancellation by the Applicant the hiring fee may not be returned. Any unused balance of deposit will be returned to the Applicant.


The Applicant may use the Premises for the purposes stated above and no other purposes on payment of the hiring fee
and under the terms of this permission.



The Applicant shall:

6.1 Be responsible for the Premises and the behaviour of all persons connected with the hiring and their car parking arrangements so as to avoid any obstruction.

6.2 Take all precautions for the safety of all persons entering/using the Premises during the period of hire.

6.3 Prevent the Premises being used in such a way which does or may cause a nuisance or annoyance to others in the vicinity.

6.4 Prevent damage to any part of the Premises which includes, but is not limited to, any decorations, furniture, fixtures and fittings, and building fabric and be liable for any damage to the Premises connected with the hiring.

6.5 In the event of any damage to the Premises connected with the hiring, to pay to the College on demand the costs of any such repair and any loss of income resulting from the Premises not being used which is attributable to the damage.

6.6 Not move or alter or add to any furniture or equipment or electrical or heating or lighting systems at the premises without the prior agreement of the Manager.

6.7 Prevent the consumption of alcohol and gambling and gaming on the Premises unless the prior written approval of the Manager has been obtained and all legal requirements are met in full.

6.8 Obtain any necessary consent(s) and comply with all regulations connected with the permitted use of the premises (for example, copyright, performing rights, licensing and gaming laws, fire and health and safety requirements).

6.9 Not bring onto school site any electrical equipment without the prior agreement of the manager.

Electrical equipment MUST comply with the LA code of practice for electrical equipment. Equipment must either have a certificate of safety from a qualified electrical engineer or be inspected by the LA.

The intention to use any electrical equipment must be notified on the application.

6.10 Indemnify the Manager and Manchester City Council from and against all actions proceedings, costs, claims and demands or other liability which may arise in any way whatsoever in connection with any breach of the terms of this permission provided that such indemnity shall not apply to the extent that such actions,
proceedings, costs, claims and demands or other liability are directly caused by the acts or omissions of the Manager or Manchester City Council or their employees servants or agents (but not contractors). The Applicant confirms that s/he is insured in the minimum sum of £10million in support of this indemnity and will produce to the Manager evidence of such insurance. Failure to produce satisfactory evidence of such insurance or refusal to pay MCC PL’s charges may result in cancellation at any time of the hiring by the Manager in which case any unused deposit will be returned but the hiring fee and the additional MCC PL’s premium (10% of letting charges) may not be returned. In this event the return of any unused deposit shall be the limit of Manchester City Council’s liability prevent smoking on any part of the Premises.

6.11 leave the Premises in a clean and tidy condition.

6.12 observe any security requirements for the use of the Premises as the Manager may specify.


7.1 School premises are maintained to current H&S requirements but the Manager gives no warranty that the Premises are legally or physically fit or suitable for the Applicant’s purposes and the Applicant must satisfy him/herself as to its suitability.

7.2 The hirer must make him/herself fully conversant with the fire drill for the premises and the position of appliances and emergency exits. He/she must also keep a register of members for Health and Safety reasons.

In the event of an evacuation of the building the hirer is responsible for informing the principle staff member present that all group members have been evacuated safely.

7.3 The Manager and all persons authorised by the Manager have the right to enter the Premises at all times.

7.4 The Manager reserves the right to cancel this hiring (or some part of it) without notice in the event of the Premises being rendered unfit or unavailable for use. In this event as much notice as possible will be given but the school will not be under any obligation to offer alternative accommodation. In that event the Applicant shall be entitled only to a refund of the hiring fee and any unused deposit and the refund shall be the limit of liability for such a cancellation.

7.5 This licence is personal to the Applicant and may not be transferred.

7.6 The hiring does not grant any interest or estate in the Premises.